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SubjectBugs sitting in RESOLVED state
These bugs have been sitting in RESOLVED state for > 1 week, ie
they have fixes, but aren't back in the mainline tree (when they
should move to CLOSED state). If the fixes are back in mainline
already, could the owner close them out? Otherwise, perhaps we
can get those fixes back in?

13 Platform UML
user-mode-linux (ARCH=um) compile broken in 2.5.47

14 Drivers Video
No dri : unsupported Via chipset (device id: 3189)

22 File Sys
Other /lib/modules/2.5.47-ac3-rous1/kernel/fs/ntfs/ntfs.o: unre...

24 File Sys
NFS statfs returns incorrect number fo blocks

45 IO/Stora Block
La blk_rq_map_sg() returns incorrect number of segments

46 Drivers Input
De ide-scsi causing (Two mice: unwanted double-clicks & erra...

47 Alternat ac
nfs broken in UP? unresolved symbol page_states__per_cpu

65 IO/Stora IDE
IDE broken on laptop when docked

73 Platform PA-RISC
Kernel compile fails in arch/parisc/kernel/.irq.o.d

77 Other Other
ieee1394 sbp2 module panics on load

85 Drivers Network
ham radio stuff still using cli etc

100 Timers gettimeo
LTP - gettimeofday02 fails (time is going backwards)

107 Other Modules
Current Linus Tree, Modules just don't work, they aren't ...

134 Drivers PCMCIA
2.5.50 breaks pcmcia cards

137 Platform i386
Build error: drivers/pci/quirks.c:354: sis_apic_bug' unde...

165 Drivers Network
Kernel crashes after stop network and remove e100.

172 Drivers Console
tdfxfb.c can't be compiled

196 Drivers Video
compile failure on drivers/media/video/stradis.c

206 Drivers Console
broken colors on framebuffer console

230 Other Configur
diffsrv URL changed

242 Drivers SCSI
buffer out of bounds in aha1542.c from Andy Chou <acc@cs....

245 Drivers SCSI
Possible out of bound error in sym53c416.c from Andy Chou...

256 Drivers Network
3c509.c wants updating to new pnp model

259 Drivers IEEE1394
compile failure in drivers/ieee1394/pcilynx.c

272 Networki Other
Dangerous status when start network (driver is e100).

282 Drivers Other
tty drivers need to set .owner field

292 Drivers Console
no cursor in console

306 Power Ma
ACPI Compile failure with ACPI

309 Drivers Input
De misplaced/extra semicolon drivers/input/joydev.c:343

311 Drivers Network
misplaced/extra semicolon drivers/net/amd8111e.c

312 Drivers Network
misplaced/extra semicolon drivers/net/tokenring/smctr.c

323 Drivers Network
double logical operator drivers/net/fc/iph5526.c

330 Drivers SCSI
compile error ( imm.c )

348 Drivers SCSI
2.5.60 broke compile of aha152x

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