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Subjectperfctr-2.5.0-pre1 released
Version 2.5.0-pre1 of perfctr, the Linux/x86 performance
monitoring counters driver, is now available at the usual

This is a development snapshot. Although it should work well,
it is not binary or API compatible with the current stable
version (2.4.5).

Version 2.5.0-pre1, 2003-02-19
- Fixed the driver's API to support global-mode perfctrs on 2.5
SMP kernels and asymmetric hyper-threaded P4 multiprocessors.
Updated examples/global/global.c for the new API.
- Minor library cleanups. Updated example programs accordingly.
- API cleanup: Removed obsolete STOP command from the driver
for virtual perfctrs. The library now uses CONTROL instead.
- Proper detection and support for AMD K8 processors. They are
similar to the K7s, but the event sets are not identical.
- The library's event set descriptions have been redesigned and
expanded to include unit mask descriptions and descriptions of
Intel P4 and AMD K8 events. The etc/ text file
has been removed since event_codes.h now is generated from the
library's data structures.

/ Mikael Pettersson
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