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SubjectRe: FBdev updates.

> I was for five weeks in U.S., so I did not do anything with
> matroxfb during that time. I plan to use fillrect and copyrect
> from generic code

I have ported the accelerated functions to the new api. What is left is to
deal with the loadfont and putcs issue which I'm working on the code right

> (although it means unnecessary multiply on
> generic side, and division in matroxfb,


> but well, if we gave
> up on reasonable speed for fbdev long ago...).

This is not true. Several benchmarks have shown a large performance
improvement in 2.5.X.

> But I simply
> want loadfont and putcs hooks for character painting. And if
> fbdev maintainer does not want to give me them, well, then
> matroxfb and fbdev are not compatible.

Working on it. I starting with Tony's tileblit patch but I plan to expand
it even more i.e texture maps to draw fonts.

> (3) persuade me that I want to write matroxcon and forget about fbcon at all, or

This is the best solution.

> Besides that with that strange additional copy in accel_putcs
> I get much slower output than with 2.4.x... and although I

Again not true.

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