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SubjectPCMCIA: cardmgr setting up two interfaces for one card?
I am getting a strange error with the 2.5 kernels.  If the PCMCIA card 
is in the socket when I run cardmgr, cardmgr will load the appropriate
module but inexplicably sets up two interfaces (eth1 and eth2 for
example) for the same card. The first interface (eth1), in this case,
will not work -- even if i removed the modules and reinserted the card,
etc. However, if the card is NOT in the socket when I run cardmgr,
inserting the card loads the modules and sets up the interfaces
correctly. This problem does not occur in the 2.4 kernel.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

(o- j o h n e w e b e r
v_/_ aim/yahoo/msn: worldwidwebers

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