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Subjectvcdxrip , CDROM_SEND_PACKET, and 2.5.42->2.5.43 ide-cd changes


I often use vcdxrip to pull mpeg data off of
old vcd's/svcds to archive to tape/dvd. This
worked fine in the 2.5 kernel series up to
2.5.42 where it worked after running the app
more then once ( i assumed it was an initialization
error someplace). After kernel 2.5.43 it no longer
works. I've sent mail to the authors and they
suggested switching it from using ioctl(CDROM_SEND_PACKET)
to ioctl(CDROMREADMODE2) , which does work only
a little slower.

I've traced it down to cdrom_queue_packet_command() in ide-cd.c
returning a 0 error status from ide_do_drive_cmd(), and
req.data_len is 0, and there doesn't appear to be any sense

I'd appreciate any suggestions for tracking this further
or ideas on possible causes.


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