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SubjectRe: Defect (Bug) Report
> So, to obtain further information, I would need some kind of ability
> to force an Oops . . . can this be done with SysReq hot keys? There
> doesn't appear to be any indication that this is the case

If the system hardware hangs and I can think of at least one reason it
might do exactly that then all bets are off

> For starters, I've gone in and activated Magic SysReq key (just in case),
> spinlock debugging (best guess as to reason of hang), and verbose BUG
> reporting (for luck!).
> Any other suggestions, or recommendations to get more info?

Three starting points

1. Run memtest86 on the box for a bit. I don't think its bad RAM however
2. Plug in a PS/2 mouse if the box doesn't have one already. That avoids
a hardware flaw on the AMD that we don't current work around in software
3. Check if 2.4.20 behaves the same way. I think it may fix your short
pauses but I don't think its going to fix the hang alas. It would be
useful to know however

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