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SubjectRe: Compactflash cards dying?
Am Son, 2003-02-02 um 23.30 schrieb Pavel Machek:

> First time I repartitioned it; now I only did mke2fs, and data
> corruption can be seen by something as simple as

> cat /mnt/cf/mp3/* > /mnt/cf/delme; md5sum /mnt/cf/delme.

> Anyone seen something similar? Are there some known-good
> compactflash-es?

CF has limited write cycles. A few hundred if you're lucky.
And depending on the type of flash it's quite likely that every
changed byte will result in a whole block being written back.

I'm running dotzends of CF cards and due to some care not a single
one has developped bad blocks as of yet.

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