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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] new modversions implementation

When trying to compile 2.5.59 after patching with modversions.patch,
modversions2.patch and modversions-less-magic.patch I discovered a tiny
glitch which prevents compilation.

The culprit is a missing opening brace in modversions2.patch on line 72
(underlined below)

+ if ((mod->symbols.num_syms && !crcindex)
+ || (mod->gpl_symbols.num_syms && !gplcrcindex)) {
Also, whatever happened to modversions.h? A module I have refuses to
compile without it. I'm not yet such a good hacker to figure out how your
new modversions implementation works 8)

Oh, and can you please cc: me since I'm not subscribed.


Paul Marinceu

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