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Subject2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.5: fsync buffer race

there's a race condition in filesystem

let's have a two inodes that are placed in the same buffer.

call fsync on inode 1
it goes down to ext2_update_inode [update == 1]
it calls ll_rw_block at the end
ll_rw_block starts to write buffer
ext2_update_inode waits on buffer

while the buffer is writing, another process calls fsync on inode 2
it goes again to ext2_update_inode
it calls ll_rw_block
ll_rw_block sees buffer locked and exits immediatelly
ext2_update_inode waits for buffer
the first write finished, ext2_update_inode exits and changes made by
second proces to inode 2 ARE NOT WRITTEN TO DISK.

This bug causes that when you simultaneously fsync two inodes in the same
buffer, only the first will be really written to disk.


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