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SubjectHardware recommentations.

I am sick of my hardware and I'd like to change it.
Not to make bad buys, I decided to ask you for advice :).

What I need:
STABLE x86 architecture, capable of decoding DVD realtime in
software and run some 3D games like RtCW. It doesn't have to
be extremely powerful, but has to run smoothly. Without
IDE transfer locking all other stuff (via kt133a/686)

What I have now:
CPU: duron 700 spitfire
mainboard: sono vk2208a (via kt133a / vc82C686B)
sound: SB Live!
NIC: rtl8139C
GPU: radeon 7500 64MB DDR
HDD: ST340810A 40GB/5400rpm
CDRW: Teac CD-W58E

heavy IDE transfers cause horrible system slowdowns (UDMA100 mode)
using DRI causes hard freezes (AGP x1 mode)
processes influence other ones more than on 440lx / p2 266 machine (cache?)

tried on kernels 2.4.17 to 2.2.40. DRI from CVS.

What I'd like to keep: sound, nic, gpu, hdd and cdrw.

What CPU/mobo/ram would you suggest?
Considering 2.5 kernels too (to have nice sys with 2.6.x).
I have a limited budget...

tia and bye,

Filip Zyzniewski
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