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SubjectRe: Anyone supporting Intel 8XX chipset???
Alright, forget it.

At 09:43 AM 2/2/2003 -0500, Mark Hahn wrote:
> > Is anyone writing code to directly support features of the Intel 800 series
> > chipsets? I'm using the 8xx chipset docs from Intel to gradually
> > implement (hopefully) all the features of the 800 series of chipsets.
>such a broad statement is difficult. are you sure that most of the
>features aren't already implemented?
> > The support of the I/O hubs and so on to get rid of relying on legacy
> > PC/AT stuff will take a while.
>huh? IO hubs are for the most part transparent. what legacy do you
>want to get rid of? just trivia like ide supporting its traditional
>(standard) IO aperture?
> > I have a couple of questions because I'm new to kernel contributions.
> > I'll be working in two main files, i8xx.h and i8xx.c, possibly i8xx.s too.
> > In the early stages I may have a directory /i8xx and implementation of
> > specific features will go into there in separate files.
>except that the chipset is not either a coherent set of devices
>or noticably different from previous hardware.
> > One thing: should I maintain the consistency of using /dev files? Because
> > there
> > is a hardware random number generator in the 800 series chipsets, and I
>but the RNG has had kernel support for years.
> > am wondering whether I should export this feature as a set of functions or
> > a /dev file. (Both??)
>afaik, no one cares whether a special-purpose and minor driver like that
>would export a traditional static major/minor interface,
>or a simple /proc one.

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