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Subject(Maybe a little off...) Choosing filesystem type for production servers
Hi all people!

sorry to disturb you with such silly questions, but we are making
long-term decisions at our company choosing the company's standard FS
for linux servers' filesystem.

As now we chose linux kernel 2.4.20 for production systems, we have to
decide which fs to use.

What I need from you folks is suggestions regarding which suits our
needs the best.

- stable, reliable, journaling
- extendable, can be exteneded, reduced, also with LVM
- fast i/o, file access
- use with SMP systems
- easy to backup and restore

We have more experience with ext2, ext3, reiser, less with jfs, xfs.
But we do not have sight in depths.

I do NOT intend to start a flamewar in LKML between fs fans, so if you
fell so, private mails are appreciated.

Thank you very much!


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