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SubjectRE: Module problems (WAS: RE: 2.5.62 on Alpha SUCCESS (2.6 release soon!?))
> Måns Rullgård wrote:
> > "Oliver Pitzeier" <> writes:
> [ ... ]
> > > OK... Make modules_install still has problems:
> [ ... ]
> > Which versions of binutils and gcc do you have? I get
> > similar problems with binutils 2.13 and 2.4 kernels.
> This is my current env.:
> [root@track /root]# rpm -q modutils binutils gcc
> modutils-2.4.22-8
> binutils-
> gcc-3.1-6
> Maybe I should upgrade gcc? But I believe 3.1 is working fine... At least for my
> normally...

I think that gcc 3.1 should be ok.

I was wondering about modutils b/c you need newer modules-init to load
newer modules into the kernel (the extension is now .ko), but you can't
_compile_ modules, which is different. Sorry I misread the email.

Once you get modules compiled, then you need newer tools:

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