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SubjectRe: openbkweb-0.0
On Sun, Feb 16, 2003 at 09:03:24PM +0000, Henning P. Schmiedehausen wrote:
> Andrea Arcangeli <> writes:
> >I'm been told of several giga archives with dozen thousand revisions
> >under subversion for istance (I know Al Viro blamed subversion code but
> >if the design it's good it may be a good start). subversion may not
> I'm still missing a single good argument for the current SVN being
> "bad code" aside from Al Viros' lovecraftian comparisation which seem
> to be universal accepted (I got some mails citing or even using this
> comparisation to prove that SVN is "inferior"). The Apache Foundation
> e.g. is planning to move most of its projects to SVN from CVS in the
> near future. And all of these people on infrastructure@ can't be that
> clueless...

The fact a product can work great doesn't mean the code have to be nice.
Certainly if a product works great likely it's well designed in terms of
highlevel algorithms though.

Anyways I really can't comment on the sourcecode of SVN, I've the tar.gz
of r4503 here but I didn't manage looking at it yet.

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