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SubjectRE: 2.4.20 amd speculative caching
Sorry, I didn't mean to state that the bug was in the processor. 

The systems consistently hard locks in any accelerated application. The
mem=nopentium does not seem to help at all.

Are there any dependencies that must be taken care of to implement the
new fix? Also, should I be seeing any dmesg output from this new

Are there any debugging techniques I could use to track the cause? (I
have no log outputs due to hard lock)

If it helps, here is my hardware config:

AMD Duron 1300MHZ
MSI K7T Turbo-2
ATI Radeon 7500 w/64mb
Redhat 8.0
Thanks again for any information,

Craig Sowadski (

-----Original Message-----
From: Andi Kleen []
Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 11:54 AM
To: Sowadski, Craig Harold (UMR-Student)
Subject: Re: 2.4.20 amd speculative caching

"Sowadski, Craig Harold (UMR-Student)" <> writes:

> I have recently upgraded to an AMD processor that is exhibiting the
> problems with the AMD speculative caching bug. Kernel 2.4.19 seems to

It's actually not an AMD bug, but an Linux bug that assumed undefined
behaviour to behave well.

> fix the problem with the temporary work-around (adv-spec-cache patch).
> have noticed that the patch has been removed from 2.4.20 and I am
> wondering if there is some other mechanism that is supposed to address
> this issue. Currently I have a 2.4.20 kernel with same configuration

Yes, there is a new mechanism to address the problem the adv-spec-cache
patch solved. It enforces that there are not conflicting cache
for memory mappings.

> my 2.4.19 and the problem seems to have reappeared.

What problem exactly? And does mem=nopentium help ?

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