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SubjectRecovering .config from vmlinuz and

I've a box running a linux 2.4.18-14 (RH stuff), for which I've lost
the .config file...

I've gone through a long .config recovery process by looking at the
entries in, changing the configuration, building the kernel,
diffing the new with the reference one, again and again.

The diff process was done only on the symbol names and the last diff
states :
diff -urN | less
--- Tue Feb 18 13:36:33 2003
+++ Tue Feb 18 09:47:47 2003
@@ -10776,6 +10776,7 @@
d __setup_str_console_setup
d __setup_str_reserve_setup
d startup.0
+d configs
d zone_balance_ratio
d zone_balance_min
d zone_balance_max
Could someone direct me to where is located this "configs" stuff
that I can't find ?

Second question : the addresses in front of the symbols don't match
(except for the first ones)... I'm using the same kernel tree, the
same compiler... Any idea ? First diff is :
--- /usr/src/linux/ Tue Feb 18 14:12:14 2003
+++ /boot/ Wed Nov 20 17:52:19 2002
@@ -441,244 +441,244 @@
c010d380 T sys_modify_ldt
c010d3de t .text.lock.ldt
c010d400 t show_cpuinfo
-c010d5f0 t c_start
-c010d620 t c_next
-c010d640 t c_stop
+c010d5e0 t c_start
+c010d610 t c_next
+c010d630 t c_stop

Thanks in advance,


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