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Subjectnewbie question :- installation problemo 0x44 error partition gone, please help me.
hello to all,

i have a problem,
i have two hard disks

hda - > 4GB
hdb - > 40GB
hda has no partitions and windowsME is installed
hdb has 12 partitions ( including Linux Native and
Swap file system)

while i was installing linux7.1
when i was in Diskurid for partitioning
it told filesystem as 0x44 instead of Win95 FAT,
but i ignored it and went ahead installing Linux.
It went really very fine with no problems.
but when i restarted it is showing me partitions
of hdb in cfidsk but when i want to mount it is not
and say 'are you trying to mount extended partition?'
and in cfdisk also it is showing partitions as
Even windows is not recognising those partitions of
hdb. Is all my data lost forever, i am having very
important data on my disk regarding my studies.
Please help, as my friends have told i will get my
answers here.
Please send it to me personally at
as i cannot subscribe to it because of my meagreness
of yahoo account space.
so after an hour i will unsubscribe from the list.

Thanks in advance.

|^|^| g . ' . u . r . a . v . -^- i m s e l ' i n g u t'is i'ea
_\-/_ n . ' . i . s . e . world | i o n l y s a y u n e e d i t / _.-
|_|f I can I m a g i n e__/it I can A c h i e v e it_._.-.-._.|'andment:.just.c.murphy'

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