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SubjectRe: [PATCH][2.5] convert atm_dev_lock from spinlock to semaphore
In message <>,Matthew Wilcox writes:
>you seem to be under the impression that <linux/sem.h> has something
>to do with linux semaphores. this is not the case; they're sysv semaphores.

sorry about that. i just picked what seemed like likely culprits for
header files.

>apart from this, i think it's a pretty bad idea to just replace the
>spinlocks with semaphores. atm really needs fixing properly.

yes, atm_dev_lock is wrapped around large chunks of the code. however,
it should probably never have been a spinlock--it certainly doesnt need
to be one. as a mutex its far less offensive. i am willing to take
suggestions as to what would need to be done to fix atm properly?
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