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SubjectRe: linux 2.5: crypto core + block devices + ???
On 18 Feb 2003, desrt wrote:

> Looking at the way the crypto api works (ie: skatterlists) makes it seem
> vaguely compatible with what I've read about the new block device IO
> mechanisms in 2.5. Is this an accident? Is there some generic crypto
> support for block devices planned that will obsolete using the loopback
> driver to this end? (like the pages get decrypted upon loading into the
> buffer cache from the physical media or whatever? i'm not really sure
> how all the block device stuff works,...)

Nothing like this is planned that I'm aware of.

> If there are no deeper motives here and the intention is to continue
> supporting encrypted filesystems via the loopback interface, is there
> anyone working on the project?

Yes, a few people have been working on loopback crypto support for 2.5,
see the cryptoapi-devel archives.

- James
James Morris

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