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SubjectFunctionality Question
I know that the Kernel has NTFS Read Only Functionality, so if you have a
dual boot system you can read files off the NTFS Partition.

My Question if you are using a PowerPC/Apple Based Machine, would it be
possible to add in functionality for read/write access between your Linux
Partition on the machine and the Mac OS X File System.

Now dont get me wrong, I just want to get the opinion of the readers on
the list. I have started working on the code to make it work, but I want
to know if it is somthing that could be supported in the 2.5.x or 2.6.x
Version of the Kernel,

And the same goes for NTFS and Linux Partitions, why cant you have write
able access to a NTFS partition? I have had it explained to me in the ways
"it is not stable" or "Not secure"

Can someone explain this better to me.

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