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SubjectRe: a really annoying feature of the config menu structure
Alan Cox wrote:

>On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 22:33, Stephen Wille Padnos wrote:
>>> as i see it, this can only get worse. the current
>>>erratic and disorganized structure of the config menus
>>>is proof of that.
>>> comments?
>>I think the problem with the "Multimedia" menu is that it's misnamed.
>>It should actually be the "tuners" menu - it's there for audio, digital
>>video, and video tuners. The same could be said of the networking menu,
>>and presumably others.
>It covers lots of tunerless mpeg and mjpeg stuff. Eg the DVB stuff will
>eventually include the Margi PCMCIA DVD player and we already have other
>pure mpeg or pure webcam stuff in there

It seems that the mjpeg stuff will be in the wrong place when it starts
being used by non-DVB modules. I see the two (DVB and mjpeg) as
distinct entities - like ethernet drivers and ipv4. (DVB drivers should
let you change channels and whatnot, mjpeg drivers should allow you to
decode data streams from any available source.)

- Steve

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