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SubjectRe: a really annoying feature of the config menu structure
Robert P. J. Day wrote:

>On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Stephen Wille Padnos wrote:
>>> as i see it, this can only get worse. the current
>>>erratic and disorganized structure of the config menus
>>>is proof of that.
>>> comments?
>>I think the problem with the "Multimedia" menu is that it's misnamed.
>>It should actually be the "tuners" menu - it's there for audio, digital
>>video, and video tuners. The same could be said of the networking menu,
>>and presumably others.
>>You can actually reorganize things simply by changing the structure of
>>the top-level Kconfig file. With the following patches, I reorganized
>>the multimedia options into the form that you are probably looking for.
>>(hopefully they won't be mangled by my mailer)
>>With not too much rewriting (many small changes, I think), the menus can
>>be organized much better.
>>Essentially, each subdirectory has a Kconfig file that does _not_
>>declare itself a standalone menu. This allows a parent to decide
>>whether or not to include it in another menu. The menu should only have
>>options that pertain to things in its' directory. ie, the Kconfig file
>>in drivers/net should not include "Networking" as an option - that is a
>>higher level decision (ie, it decides whether or not to include the
>>drivers/net config file).
>>Then, the Kconfig files from various subdirectories can be ordered in
>>whatever way makes sense from a user's point of view
>>--- drivers/media/Kconfig.orig 2003-02-18 17:15:46.000000000 -0500
>>+++ drivers/media/ 2003-02-18 17:25:27.000000000 -0500
>>@@ -2,8 +2,6 @@
>> # Multimedia device configuration
>> #
>>-menu "Multimedia devices"
>> config VIDEO_DEV
>> tristate "Video For Linux"
>> ---help---
>>@@ -32,5 +30,4 @@
>> source "drivers/media/dvb/Kconfig"
>... some patch snipped here ...
> oh, i'm aware that (for example) the multimedia menu stuff
>can be fixed if you go into the directory and change the Kconfig
>file. but that's exactly the kind of thing i'm trying to
>*avoid*. philosophically, it would be ideal to let each
>directory be a self-contained bundle of related modules
>and the Kconfig menu file that goes with them.
> what has to be avoided is for any of these directories to
>give itself a menu label that implies that it's fairly high
>up in the food chain, and subsequently leave no way to
>incorporate submenus beneath it. (see, eg., "Multimedia")
The only change to "drivers/media/Kconfig" was the removal of the menu
and endmenu lines, for exactly the purpose of removing the title.

> rearranging the top-level options by having to make changes
>to any of the individual subdirectory Kconfig files is just not
>an appealing option.
Since the individual files aren't "relocatable" at this point, I think
that at least *one* change might be needed :) The idea would be to
change it once, and not need to do so again for layout changes.

> i realize that all of this sounds like much ado about
>nothing, but as more options are added to the kernel, this
>is just going to get more unmanageable, but i have no idea
>if anyone else thinks this is something worth addressing.
> if not, i'm willing to drop it.
I think it's worth pursuing - I've had no end of annoyance with USB and
ieee1394 configuration (among other things).

- Steve

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