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SubjectRe: [Fastboot] [KEXEC][2.5.61][2.5.62] Untested patches available
On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 09:25, Andy Pfiffer wrote:
> Eric,
> I have carried forward the kexec patch set to 2.5.61 and 2.5.62.
> Other than basic compile testing, I have not yet finished kicking the
> tires on these patches.

FYI: the 2.5.62 patch set (see below) works for me on my x86 uniproc and
on my 2-way x86 system.

I did not need to edit/modify kexec-tools-1.8 for it to work on either
of my systems. (my copy of kexec-tools-1.8 is available here: ).


> The patches are available for download from OSDL's patch lifecycle
> manager (PLM):
> Patch Stack for 2.5.62:
> kexec base for 2.5.62 (based upon the version for 2.5.54):
> kexec hwfixes for 2.5.62 (based upon the version for 2.5.5[89])
> kexec usemm change (allowed 2-way to work for me):
> optional change to defconfig (I used this for PLM-based builds)

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