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Subject[DEFINITELY OFF-TOPIC] Re: ADSL vs Leased line
Florian Weimer <> writes:

>John Bradford <> writes:

>> A leased line is guaranteed bandwidth,

>Not at all. Welcome to the wonderful world of ATM Traffic Management.

That's the very point John was trying to make. A leased line in the
classic sense (E1/T1/ISDN) _is_ guranteed bandwith. You get 64k, 128k,
1920k, 1984k 2048k [1] guranteed, fixed bandwith synched with a master

And: bandwidth on a leased line != IP bandwidth. And with DSL lines
(which are either HDLC over copper (e.g. Lucent HST-DST) or simply
ATM-25 over copper (Cisco 14xx / Lucent Cellpipes) you can even get

So your "wonderful world of ATM traffic management" is only correct
for some flavours of DSL lines.


Let's kill this thread. :-)

[1] 1920k = 1 slot for network management,
1 slot for connection management,
30 channels data
1984k = 1 slot for connection management,
31 channels data (G.704)
2048k = 32 channels data (G.703)

A least in Germany, a "2 MBit leased line" can come in any of
these flavours.

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