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SubjectRe: [2.5] EHCI HID keyboard not unloaded at reboot time ?
Le dim 16/02/2003 à 22:28, Pavel Machek a écrit :
> Hi!
> > This is a question related to :
> >
> >
> > Basically I have a usb keyboard plugged on an external USB2 hub. Using
> > a monolithic ehci/hid kernel I can get it to work in 2.5. It's also used
> > in usb1 mode by the bios and the bootloader.
> >
> > However when I shut down or reboot from 2.5, I loose keyboard support
> > in the bios/bootloader/linux 2.4 (used to loose it in linux 2.5 also but
> > recent ehci enhancements enable 2.5 to recover it). Nothing short of a
> > PSU stop (neither reset nor stop button works) will recover it.
> Well, if reset does not work, it looks like hw bug ;-). OTOH this
> might be quite easy to workaround in sw. What happens if you unplug
> and replug the keyboard?

Hey, thanks for the reply.

Turns out I was right about the diagnostic. 2.5 *did* *not* *unload*
*ehci*. So after the reboot all usb1-aware systems (bios, linux 2.4,
etc) found usb components that expected usb2 commands. David Brownell
send me a patch that forced ehci unload at shutdown (via a reboot
notifier) and all's been well since. So it was a real 2.5 bug.

Sure the hardware could have moped up usb remains better, but since
other evil OSes cleanup their usb stack correctly, I guess they didn't
bother (plus I suspect it would have made boot times a bit longer).

Anyway, closing one of the first ten bugzilla bugs at last one feels
very good:)

Nicolas Mailhot
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