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SubjectRE: XFS problem 2.5.6{0,1,2}

On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 03:28:32PM +0200, Kostadin Karaivanov wrote:
>> Oftenly I get errors something like ...
>> "In memory data corruption ..... shuting down filesystem ide(0,3)"
>> linux halts. Reboot fixes the things.
>> Sorry can't paste the proper error output.
>> It happens when I try to erase a lots of small files or on shutdown.
>> I can't reproduce this, but it happens for at least once a day.
>> My whole linux partition is on XFS.
>> As long as I can tell this is not present in 2.5.5{7,8,9}

> Do you use blocksize smaller than your pagesize?

No, nothing fancy, the partition is formated with default settings of
mkfs.xfs (as slackware did) bsize=4096 according to xfs_info.
BTW, the errors on reboot I get on my laptop right after (trying
to)shtutting down the PCMCIA card as result my /var/run is lost
Manual xfs_repair fixes that.

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