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SubjectRe: sendmsg and IP_PKTINFO

> So yes, the current behaviour seems to match part of the
> documentation.

Good. :-)

> "the outgoing packet will be sent over the interface specified in
> ipi_ifindex if that interface has a valid route to the packets
> destination. Otherwise normal rouing rules apply".
> I further argue that this is not only more rational, but is actually
> more useful (which is a more telling point).

Either you rely on routing tables, or you do not, which is used
when routing tables are still not set up, or setup ambiguously,
or use of them just do not make sense which happens for multicasts/
limited/broadcasts/link local addresses. It is the thing which ifi_ifindex

I do no see how it is possible to classify a middle way as "rational".
Well, and frankly speaking I do not see how it could be useful.


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