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SubjectRE: 2.5.61 (Yes, there are still Alpha users out there. :-) )
Leslie Donaldson wrote:
> Got the new kernel here are my results.

I also downloaded 2.5.61 today. I wasn't able the last 2 days. :-(

> -) Base kernel now compiles out of box.

For me too.

> -) firewire dma.c no compile. patch was late should be in next rev.
> Maintainers already found bug.
> -) Sound opl3sa2 no compile. Entered patch today

I don't use firewire, sound and so on, therefor I can't tell you my results
regarding this.

> -) make modules_install still has
> depmod: Unhandled relocation of type 10 for .text

There were also some problems with make modules_install for me!

> well there you go. For clarification until I get a clean
> install I'm not going to try and boot this thing. (I like my
> raid working.)

I'll let it run now... Let's see. If the machine crashes I don't mind too much.
It's just an old Compaq AS1000 5/333 only used by me as Alpha-teststation and
some kind of "fileserver".

If it works well now and hopefully without crashing, I believe 2.6 will also
work fine... :-)

Best regards,

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