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SubjectTrouble w/ e1000 v4.4.19 for Intel gigabit 82545EM on-board chip.

Under SuSE-8.1-CDROM supplied 2.4.19-UP with e1000 v4.3.15 module, this
ethernet worked on a E7505 based Supermicro X5DA8 Dual Xeon motherboard
with the Intel 82545EM chip on board with no special kernel option
inserted. The RJ45 is hooked to 100Mb/s speed CISCO switching hub.

Now, e1000 v4.4.19 custom-built 2.4.21-pre4ac4 with SMP enabled does not work.
e1000 is detected. It appeared properly in ifconfig with its own
HWaddr. But it does not work.

For the moment, netgear 100Mb/s card is inserted and enabled by module.
And this one is working right now.

Does anyone have a similar trouble with e1000?

Thanks a lot.

Regards to all the Kernel developers.

G. Hugh Song
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