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Subjectstuff-up in pcmcia/cardbus stuff
Recent 2.5 kernels will crash with a null pointer dereference on my
powerbook (PowerPC laptop) when I try to suspend. I tracked it down
to cardbus_suspend() in drivers/pcmcia/pci-socket.c calling
pcmcia_suspend_socket() with a NULL argument. It turns out that
socket->pcmcia_socket is never set in the current code.

This changeset seems to be the culprit:

ChangeSet 1.1017 2003/02/15 12:42:51
[PATCH] pcmcia: use device_class->add_device/remove_device

This patch removes the {un}register_ss_entry/pcmcia_{un}register_socket
calls, and replaces them with generic driver-model-compatible functions.

Also, update the CodingStyle of these cs.c functions to what's recommended
in the Linux kernel.

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