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Subject2.5.61-mjb1 (scalability / NUMA patchset)
Yeah, yeah. I know Linus beat me to it ... I'm just "fashionably late".


The patchset contains mainly scalability and NUMA stuff, and anything
else that stops things from irritating me. It's meant to be pretty stable,
not so much a testing ground for new stuff.

I'd be very interested in feedback from anyone willing to test on any
platform, however large or small.


Since 2.5.59-mjb5 (~ = changed, + = added, - = dropped)

Notes: Just a merge from 59-mjb6 up with 2.5.61 really ... I'd like
kprobes and lkcd tested though, if someone can.

Merged with Linus:
- summit_smp John Stultz
- cyclone_fixes John Stultz
- enable_cyclone John Stultz
- lost_tick John Stultz
- frlock_xtime Stephen Hemminger et al.
- frlock-xtime-i386 Stephen Hemminger et al.
- frlock-xtime-ia64 Stephen Hemminger et al.
- frlock-xtime-other Stephen Hemminger et al.
- numaq_ioapicids William Lee Irwin
- oprofile_p4 John Levon
- starfire Ion Badulescu
- tcp_fix Alexey
- pgd_ctor William Lee Irwin
- pfn_to_nid William Lee Irwin
- oprofile_fixes John Levon
- alt_sysrq_t Russell King

+ sighand_locking Linus / Martin J. Bligh
+ percpu_loadavg Martin J. Bligh
+ irq_affinity Martin J. Bligh
+ kirq_clustered_fix Dave Hansen / Martin J. Bligh

fixes for kirq interrupt balancing patch
auto_disable_tsc (John Stultz)
scheduler callers profiling (Anton)
PPC64 NUMA patches (Anton)
Child runs first (akpm)
e1000 fixes
Non-PAE aligned kernel splits (Dave Hansen)
Update the lost timer ticks code
Ingo scheduler updates

dcache_rcu Dipankar / Maneesh
Use RCU type locking for the dentry cache.

dcache_sunrpc Maneesh
Fix up NFS to work properly with dcache

early_printk Dave Hansen et al.
Allow printk before console_init

confighz Andrew Morton / Dave Hansen
Make HZ a config option of 100 Hz or 1000 Hz

config_page_offset Dave Hansen / Andrea
Make PAGE_OFFSET a config option

vmalloc_stats Dave Hansen
Expose useful vmalloc statistics

local_pgdat William Lee Irwin
Move the pgdat structure into the remapped space with lmem_map

numameminfo Martin Bligh / Keith Mannthey
Expose NUMA meminfo information under /proc/meminfo.numa

notsc Martin Bligh
Enable notsc option for NUMA-Q (new version for new config system)

mpc_apic_id Martin J. Bligh
Fix null ptr dereference (optimised away, but ...)

doaction Martin J. Bligh
Fix cruel torture of macros and small furry animals in io_apic.c

kgdb Andrew Morton / Various People
The older version of kgdb, synched with 2.5.54-mm1

noframeptr Martin Bligh
Disable -fomit_frame_pointer

ingosched Ingo Molnar
Modify NUMA scheduler to have independant tick basis.

schedstat Rick Lindsley
Provide stats about the scheduler under /proc/stat

sched_tunables Robert Love
Provide tunable parameters for the scheduler (+ NUMA scheduler)

discontig_x440 Pat Gaughen / IBM NUMA team
SLIT/SRAT parsing for x440 discontigmem

acpi_x440_hack Anonymous Coward
Stops x440 crashing, but owner is ashamed of it ;-)

numa_pci_fix Dave Hansen
Fix a potential error in the numa pci code from Stanford Checker

pfn_to_nid William Lee Irwin
Turn pfn_to_nid into a macro

kprobes Vamsi Krishna S
Add kernel probes hooks to the kernel

dmc_exit1 Dave McCracken
Speed up the exit path, pt 1.

dmc_exit2 Dave McCracken
Speed up the exit path, pt 1.

shpte Dave McCracken
Shared pagetables (as a config option)

thread_info_cleanup (4K stacks pt 1) Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
Prep work to reduce kernel stacks to 4K

interrupt_stacks (4K stacks pt 2) Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
Create a per-cpu interrupt stack.

stack_usage_check (4K stacks pt 3) Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
Check for kernel stack overflows.

4k_stack (4K stacks pt 4) Dave Hansen
Config option to reduce kernel stacks to 4K

fix_kgdb Dave Hansen
Fix interaction between kgdb and 4K stacks

stacks_from_slab William Lee Irwin
Take kernel stacks from the slab cache, not page allocation.

thread_under_page William Lee Irwin

lkcd LKCD team
Linux kernel crash dump support

sighand_locking Linus / Martin J. Bligh
Fix locking for task->sighand

percpu_loadavg Martin J. Bligh
Provide per-cpu loadaverages, and real load averages

irq_affinity Martin J. Bligh
Workaround for irq_affinity on clustered apic mode systems (eg x440)

kirq_clustered_fix Dave Hansen / Martin J. Bligh
Fix kirq for clustered apic systems (eg x440)

-mjb Martin J. Bligh
Add a tag to the makefile

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