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SubjectRe: Bug: 2.4.xx in serial.c
On Mon, 17 February 2003 12:32:49 -0800, William King wrote:
> I've traced what appears to be a bug in the serial driver (serial.c) in
> regards to how the transmit fifo is handled on some uarts.
> In the function transmit_chars() around line 6016:
> count = info->xmit_fifo_size;
> do {
> serial_out(info, UART_TX, info->xmit.buf[info->xmit.tail]);
> info->xmit.tail = (info->xmit.tail + 1) & (SERIAL_XMIT_SIZE-1);
> info->state->icount.tx++;
> if (info->xmit.head == info->xmit.tail)
> break;
> } while (--count > 0);
> This loop fills the xmit fifo with up to the number of characters which the
> fifo can hold. If we have more characters to send than the fifo can handle,
> we will take an interrupt when the fifo empties and run this loop again.
> The assumption is however that the fifo empty interrupt will occur when the
> number of characters in the xmit fifo is 0. This is true on a 16550A uart,
> but is not true on others (such as a ST16C654.) The ST16C654 uart has a 64
> byte fifo, but the interrrupt will occur when the number of characters drops
> below a programmable threshold. The minimum threshold is 8 on this uart
> which causes an overflow of the xmit fifo.
> My thought for a patch is to add a field to struct async_struct to indicate
> the maximum number of characters which still may be in the fifo when an
> interrupt occurs. The only other thing I can think of is to poll the fifo
> full bit which every character write, but this seems like a bad idea.

I'd go with the extra field:

+static int threshold = 0;
-count = info->xmit_fifo_size;
+count = info->xmit_fifo_size - threshold;
+if (ST16C654) {
+ threshold = 8;
+ ST16C654_set_threshold(threshold);

IO operations are usually quite expensive, so polling should be a last
resort only.


More computing sins are committed in the name of efficiency (without
necessarily achieving it) than for any other single reason - including
blind stupidity.
-- W. A. Wulf
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