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SubjectRe: ext3 clings to you like flypaper
Le lun 17/02/2003 à 18:46, Martin J. Bligh a écrit :
> >> The point remains, if I say I want ext2, I should get ext2, not whatever
> >> some random developer decides he thinks I should have. Worst of all,
> >> the system then lies to you and says it's mounted ext2 when it's not.
> >
> > This is, how things worked for me:
> > 1. Kernel tries to mount rootfs ext3. If this fails, it will continue
> > trying ext2. No other fs compiled into kernel.
> > 2. If there is a journal, it is ext3.
> > 3. Init scripts read /etc/fstab and read ext2.
> > 4. root is remounted as ext2.
> > 5. System allows me to log it, root is ext2, life is good.
> >
> > Where is your behaviour different from this list? Where do you say you
> > want ext2 but don't get it?
> That's what I'd expect to happen ... as others have pointed out, it may
> be a distro issue ... do you have the snippet of the init scrips that
> do the remount as ext2 to hand? Maybe debian is just broken ...

You can't remount to a different filesystem type. You would have to play
games with pivot_root(), mount root once under each fs type and be sure
every fd is closed (even those from /dev/*) before unmounting the first
instance. Basically not manageable.


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