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SubjectRe: Performance of ext3 on large systems
> > Well, yes, but that's not what I was saying - what was saying is that
> > if you are primarily reading anyway, there isn't much to be gained
> > from using EXT-3, over EXT-2.
> Besides of data robustness.

Well yes, but that only matters if the filesystem isn't unmounted

> > If you are primarily writing, EXT-3 atime should be faster than EXT-2
> > noatime. EXT-3 notime will obviously be even faster.
> No. For primarily writing the 'noatime' effect disappears in background
> noice. Every time you write into file, mtime will be updated, and also
> ctime. Only one of i-node timestamps _not_ updated is atime...

Well, that's what I was implying, that for primarily writing, EXT-3
should be better than EXT-2, regardless of the atime configuration.

So, we agree :-).

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