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SubjectRe: SCSI Tape hangs when no tape loaded (2.5.6x)


That did it !

I was running mt-st-0.5b, upgrading to 0.7 fixed the 'mt' command as
well as the 'stinit' command which caused my boot to delay for 2 minutes
as that was called from the boot scripts.

>On Sun, 16 Feb 2003, Ruud Linders wrote:
>> On both 2.5.60 and 2.5.61 when there is no tape loaded in my SCSI DAT
>> tape drive, access to the drive blocks for exactly 2 minutes
>> before timing out and giving an I/O error.
>> # mt stat
>> ....... < 2 minutes later > ...
>> /dev/tape: Input/output error
>Does you mt open the tape device with the O_NONBLOCK option? If not, this
>is what is expected. mt-st version >= 0.6 does use this option. I don't
>know about other mt's.
>The open() behaviour of st was changed at 2.5.3 to conform with SUS
>(blocking) and what the other Unices do (timeout). If the device is opened
>without O_NONBLOCK, the driver waits for some time (default 2 minutes) for
>the device to become ready. If it does not become ready, an error is
> Kai
>P.S. I just tested 2.5.61 and in my system 'mt status' without tape in
>the drive works as expected (i.e., prints status immediately).

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