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SubjectRe: openbkweb-0.0
> > I just wanted to confirm that bk-commit-head is actually:
> >
> > 1. Complete
> It should be complete -- but bear in mind that you may receive the mails
> in a different order to the order in which they were sent, so just
> applying them from a mail filter isn't necessarily sensible.

OK, fair enough, it does need to be more complicated than I originally
suggested, but each changeset is numbered, so presumably we could just
use that to ensure that we don't miss any.

> Also note that the dates on them are the date of the changeset itself,
> not the date of application to Linus' tree (or indeed the date of the
> cron job which creates the mail).

Well, that's OK as long as we are just trying to track Linus' tree, we
don't even need to know the patch's original date.

> > 2. Realtime
> Almost -- it's run from an hourly cron job, which is more 'real time'
> than Linus actually pushing from his own box to and
> quite enough of a demand on resources already.
> It's not done with triggers on Linus' tree because I suspect that would
> actually make Linus _wait_ while the mail is generated for every
> changeset he's pushing to I do it with a cron job
> which pulls from Linus' tree to another, and I don't do it with triggers
> in my own tree because I suspect that would keep Linus' tree locked
> while it generated the mails too. I do need to investigate possible
> improvements to the way it's generated, though.

Can't Larry just do this from bkbits, though? That's what I don't

Maybe not for Linus' tree due to the volume of patches, but for most
other trees, a mail sent out for each commit should be no problem.
There should be no issues with locking - the mailing list shouldn't
*care* whether anybody is actually receiving the mail, it just
broadcasts the changes for everybody to see.

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