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Subjectcpufreq on athlon4

I tried cpufreq on hp omnibook with athlon4 cpu... Its interesting: It
works *in addition* to ACPI throttling. That means I can slow it down
to 4% of top speed.

Documentation/cpufreq should probably be renamed to Doc*/cpufreq.txt.

Kernel says:

powernow: AMD K7 CPU detected.
powernow: PowerNOW! Technology present. Can scale: frequency and
powernow: Found PSB header at c00f7ab0
powernow: Table version: 0x12
powernow: Flags: 0x0 (Mobile voltage regulator)
powernow: Settling Time: 100 microseconds.
powernow: Has 14 PST tables. (Only dumping ones relevant to this CPU).
powernow: PST:2 (@c00f7ae4)
powernow: cpuid: 0x761 fsb: 100 maxFID: 0xc startvid: 0xc
powernow: FID: 0x10 (3.0x [300MHz]) VID: 0xc (1.400V)
powernow: FID: 0x4 (5.0x [500MHz]) VID: 0xc (1.400V)
powernow: FID: 0x6 (6.0x [600MHz]) VID: 0xc (1.400V)
powernow: FID: 0x8 (7.0x [700MHz]) VID: 0xc (1.400V)
powernow: FID: 0xc (9.0x [900MHz]) VID: 0xc (1.400V)

First it claims it can scale voltage, then I see I can only use
1.4V. Too bad for me (and my batteries ;-)...
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