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SubjectRe: more signal locking bugs?
>> Ah, I see what happened, I think .... the locking used to be inside
>> collect_sigign_sigcatch, and you moved it out into task_sig ... but
>> there were two callers of collect_sigign_sigcatch, the other one being
>> proc_pid_stat
> Doh.
> This should fix it.

Don't you need this bit as well?

+ sigemptyset(&sigign);
+ sigemptyset(&sigcatch);

to replace this bit from your previous patch.

static void collect_sigign_sigcatch(struct task_struct *p, sigset_t *ign,
sigset_t *catch)
struct k_sigaction *k;
int i;

- sigemptyset(ign);
- sigemptyset(catch);

That was in the patch I sent you ... but I missed task->sighand->siglock ;-)


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