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SubjectRe: openbkweb-0.0
Nicolas Pitre wrote:
> > CVS
> > rsync
> > FTP
> > HTTP
> >
> > is there anything else people want?
> If you can manage to have a CVS repository that is always updated to the
> minute with full history info etc. then this should be suficient to satisfy
> all needs. Public CVS repositories are common enough so people should know
> how to use them already.

I expect most people would prefer read-only CVS for keeping up to date.

However, rsync from the repository is generally _much_ faster than CVS
if you are tracking changes, so I (an impatient modem user) prefer rsync.

Also the SCCS repository is more fun for analysis and browsing
programs than a CVS equivalent because some of the metadata would be
lost converting to CVS.

So I vote for rsync read-only access to the actual SCCS-ish repository
files that BK manages.

Ideally you'd ensure the tree offered through rsync was a consistent
snapshot, offer a method of atomically updating the tree seen by rsync
is a consistent snapshot. (Although this isn't crucial; BK's
changeset files let you detect that at the client I believe).

-- Jamie
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