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SubjectADSL vs Leased line (was: Re: openbkweb-0.0)
> >In the US, at least, all the deals I've been able to find cap the 
> >bandwidth at ~100Kbit/sec average rate.
> Then it's not a T1. It's a crippled thing able to carry a meagre 35
> gigs per month with throttled bandwith and just 1.5 MBits peak rate.
> No wonder your VoIP sounds like from a B-movie. :-)

I think what Larry meant was that connectivity via DSL is only
available to him at an average of 100Kbit, and he therefore has to pay
for a leased line.

In the U.K., you can get 2 Mbit/256 Kbit ADSL with no bandwidth
limitations to you, for about 300 pounds/month. However, that that is
not the same as a leased line the connection is still contended. A
leased line is guaranteed bandwidth, (usually with a service level
agreement which will allow you to claim a refund if it fails).

The lowest price I was quoted for a 512 Kbit leased line was about
5000 pounds/year, and it varies a lot by location, too.

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