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SubjectRe: openbkweb-0.0
Larry says that he hosts on a T1 which is shared with
(probably) the IP traffic of and his VoIP.

A fully loaded T1 can carry about 1/2 a TB per month traffic. This costs
you at most (AT MOST!) about 350 Euros per month (e.g. for
a 2,3 Mbit SDSL line, which carries even 1,5 times the traffic of a T1).

Rack housing with a moderate traffic volume (e.g. enough for most
service needs) cost you between 29 Euros for a dedicated server with 60
Gigs ( to 25,90 euros for a shared hosting with a gig of
disc space and unlimited traffic (, Hostnet product).

All of the cited ISPs claim to have multi-GB uplinks to the various
german an international peering points. I wouldn't consider that a
"garden hose".

Larry claimed a $15k bill for his T1. This is about 1200$ per months.
You can get three flat 2.3 MBit SDSL lines for that. Or a dedicated
server with about a TB of traffic in a housing center.


On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 13:03, Andrew Walrond wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
> >
> > Unlimited bandwidth at low bitrate is cheap. If you want 100Mbit then boy
> > it gets pricy. Its the different between "all you get" and "you get xyz"
> >
> Me thinks you miss my point :)
> In the context of Larry saying "It costs $x,000 dollars for me to
> provide the bandwidth" and this guy saying "But you can get all you want
> for 50Euros" leads me to suspect that he believes he is sat at the end
> of an 8m main bore when infact he has at best a garden hose....
> Andrew
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