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SubjectRe: Synchronous signal delivery..
Ingo Oeser wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 02:57:38PM +0100, Abramo Bagnara wrote:
> > > Out of band data is a second data channel, so open two pipes. Jeez
> >
> > What about the relation between the two channels?
> Encoded in the program logic, where it belongs. We have enough
> needless interrelations between API functions already.
> If you would like to have two channels in one, than simply
> implement a multiplexer in the program that needs it (look at ssh
> for an example).

We might call this thread "the neverending misunderstanding" ;-)

My message was a proposal about an universal solution for
control/out-of-band streams on pseudo-files (like the Linus sig fd,
devices fd, socket, proc files, etc.) as a way to comunicate between
user space and kernel space.

I.e. something that might replace ioctl/fcntl mess giving same (and
more) flexybility and power (extending the 'everything is a file'
concept also to control data).

This is *not* something I'd propose for user space (where we definitely
have many good ways to achieve these results).

Abramo Bagnara

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