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SubjectRe: Vertical blanking interrupts
On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, Jeff Mock wrote:

> In particular, the platform is a VIA mini-ITX motherboard that uses
> a VIA PLE133 combined northbridge and Trident Cyberblade graphics
> controller.
> VGAs have a legacy feature to generate a vertical blanking interrupt.
> I don't think windows or linux use this feature.
> I'm having trouble getting the vertical blanking interrupt to work.I'm
> a bit out of my depth with this thing, so be gentle.

From my experience, many video chipsets are not VGA compatible in
this regard. If you have documentation for your chipset, maybe using
chipset specific code is preferable.

> Does anyone out there have experience getting VGA vertical blanking
> interrupts to work?Why would the VGA device not show up in the
> IRQ routing table?Is this a BIOS bug or are VGA interrupts just not
> supported by the hardware anymore?Any advice appreciated.

You can see code that implements vertical blanking interrupts in svgalib
( This includes standard VGA, as
well support for a few chipsets. Unfortunately, it does not work on my
trident card.

Matan Ziv-Av.

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