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Subject[BUG] setkey -DP freezes 2.5.61
Software - racoon and setkey precompiled binarys from Kernel 2.5.61

I have trying to build ipsec tunnel between my home-lan
router(linux) and my work(Checkpoint FW-1 NG FP3).
Seting SPD using setkey spdadd x.x.x.0/24 y.y.y.0/24 any -P in ipsec
esp/tunnel/gate-home-gate-work/require went just fine Than I fire up
racoon in foreground for debugging and start to ping from internal host
of my home-lan, during the ping a lot of info is scrolling on console
where I have raccoon, on another ssh console I try to issue setkey -DP
To see my SPD, and here comes freeze.
No ping no login.
Running setkey -D works.
Running setkey _DP works when raccoon is not runnig.
Kernel .config is pretty modest I can post it if needed. Nothing
interesting in logs except racoon output that has some ERROR lines.

Any help/hint will be greatly appreciated

Wwell Larry.

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