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SubjectRe: Synchronous signal delivery..
I wrote:
> ssize_t overwrite(int fd,
> const void *data_if_empty,size_t size_if_empty,
> const void *data_if_full,size_t size_if_full,
> int *was_empty);

Bah, rubbish. Make this

ssize_t overwrite(int fd,const void *data,size_t size);

If the pipe/queue is empty, don't write, and return 0. Now, this
could probably be implemented with a flag to send(2) (then this
wouldn't work for pipes, but you could use socketpair(2) for a
similar effect). Example:

void add_signal(int signum)
static int signal_set = 0;
int new_signal = 1 << signum;
int sent;

signal_set |= new_signal;
sent = send(fd,&signal_set,sizeof(int),MSG_OVERWRITE);
if (!sent) {
signal_set = new_signal;

- Werner

/ Werner Almesberger, Buenos Aires, Argentina /
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