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SubjectLinux v2.5.61

Hmm.. Mostly a lot of smallish things all over. Network drivers from Jeff,
updates from Andrew, Alan and Dave, and acpi/sparc/networking updates.


Summary of changes from v2.5.60 to v2.5.61

o [netdrvr ns83820] big endian fixes

o The initial release of the driver for the 3Com 3cr990 "Typhoon"
series of network interface cards.

o starfire driver update for 2.5.60

o [tokenring smctr] fix MAC address input
o [tokenring madgemc] fix mem leaks, add proper refcounting
o Update several token ring drivers

o [atm nicstar] fix incorrect traffic class assumption

o [IPSEC]: Make AF_KEY allow NULL encryption

o [netdrvr pcnet32] fix multicast on big endian

Roland McGrath <>:
o Ctrl-C-ing strace

o [IPSEC]: Make sure to clear sin_zero in AF_KEY
o [IPSEC] Make sure SADB_X_SPDADD messages have proper spid

o input: Add support for ThrustMaster ForceFeedback USB HID devices

Alan Cox <>:
o Remove i2o-lan
o Make mca-legacy bitch at users
o Fix cciss scsi breakage
o Fix 3036 tuner
o Fix i2o_scsi (submission from Randy)
o Fix scsi parts of iph5526
o Make starfire compile
o Fix aha1740
o Fix fd_mcs build for scsi changes, mca compt
o Fix ibm MCA adapter for new scsi, use mca_legacy for now
o Fix ppa for new scsi
o Fix NCR53c406a for new scsi
o Fix seagate for new scsi
o Fix sym53c416 for new scsi
o Fix ultrastor for new scsi
o Fix wd7000 for new scsi
o New drivers needing mca-legacy for now

Andi Kleen <>:
o x86-64 merge

Andrew Morton <>:
o Fix synchronous writers to wait properly for the result
o ncpfs compile fix
o de4x5 compile fix
o uninline get_jiffies_64() for 32-bit architectures
o use per-cpu data for ia32 profiler
o NUMAQ io_apic programming fix
o ext3: Remove journal_try_start()
o DAC960 Stanford Checker fix
o Add David Olien MAINTAINERs for DAC960
o nforce2 IDE support for the amd74xx driver
o hugetlbpage MAP_FIXED fix
o remove unneeded test from radix_tree_extend()
o ext3 commenting cleanup
o Don't run unlock_super() in ext3_fill_super()
o remove the buffer_head mempool
o fix current->user->processes leak
o 3c509 compile fix
o Get 3c59x to compile on non-PCI systems
o sched_init enables interrupts too early
o genhd warnings fix
o kill warning in vmscan.c
o kill some ppc64 warnings in knfsd
o fix ppc64 wanings in fs/partitions/check.c
o fix ppc64 nfs warning
o fs/reiserfs/hashes.c warning fix
o fix drivers/scsi/st.c warning
o provide uniproc write_trylock()
o disassociate_ctty SMP fix
o make the adaptec driver compile
o sunrpc dcache cleanup
o jiffies wrap fixes
o EATA driver fix
o make drivers/net/arlan.c compile again
o Allow summit kernels to boot on normal systems
o Make drivers/media/video/saa7110.c compile
o drivers/media/video/saa5249.c compile fix
o fix fadvise64() return type
o OSS CS4232 locking fixes
o epoll timeout and syscall return types
o MAP_FIXED|MAP_ANON crash fix
o u14-34f fix
o fix adaptec diagnostics for ppc64
o printk size_t qualifier confusion
o set unplug_timer.function inside blk_queue_make_request
o make imm.c build
o fix hugetlbfs_forget_inode() oddity
o sysfs error handling fix
o ia32 TSC timer cleanup
o Cyclone timer fixes
o Enable timer_cyclone code
o hugetlbfs i_size fix
o xattr: lock_kernel() balancing fix
o ACPI sleep build fix

Andrey Panin <>:
o [netdrvr eepro100] add PIO config option

Andries E. Brouwer <>:
o signal error return fix
o genhd device unregistration fix
o nfs fix

Andy Grover <>:
o ACPI: fix compile on IA64 (Matthew Wilcox)
o ACPI: Lower errorlevel of a debug message (Matthew Wilcox)
o ACPI: Fix whitespace (Pavel Machek)
o ACPI: Fix some compilation issues

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>:
o [SUNZILOG]: fix DEVFS device name

Art Haas <>:
o [NETFILTER]: C99 initializers for net_ipv4_netfilter
o [NETFILTER]: C99 initializers for net_ipv6_netfilter
o C99 initializers for net/ipv6/sysctl_net_ipv6.c
o C99 initializers for net/core/sysctl_net_core.c
o C99 initializers for net/ipv4/sysctl_net_ipv4.c
o C99 initializers for net/sunrpc/sysctl.c
o C99 initializers for net/unix/sysctl_net_unix.c
o C99 initializers for net/ipv4/netfilter files
o C99 initializers for net/sctp/sysctl.c
o C99 initializers for net/ipv6/netfilter/ip6_queue.c
o C99 initializers for net/ax25/sysctl_net_ax25.c
o C99 initializers for net/irda/irsysctl.c

Dave Jones <>:
o [AGPGART] Merge VIA KT400 AGP3 support into main via-agp module
o [WATCHDOG] PNP API conversion
o [AGPGART] Remove unneeded AMD8151 shadowing in the K8 GART driver
o [AGPGART] Cache K8 northbridges pci_devs instead of scanning whole
PCI bus
o [CPUFREQ] Properly set memory allocated by x86 cpufreq drivers to
o [CPUFREQ] add support for cpufreq governors
o [CPUFREQ] fix longrun min/max confusion
o [WATCHDOG] pcwd.c: if cpu has overheated, we want to shutdown, not
o [WATCHDOG] printk levels for pcwd.c
o [WATCHDOG] More panic -> shutdown replacements in pcwd.c
o [WATCHDOG] missing printk level in acquirewdt
o [WATCHDOG] printk levels for alim7101_wdt.c
o [WATCHDOG] C99 struct initialisers for sc1200wdt
o [WATCHDOG] fix sc1200wdt for CONFIG_PNP=n
o [WATCHDOG] C99 struct intiialisers for remaining drivers
o [WATCHDOG] Remove unneeded EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS from sc1200wdt
o [CPUFREQ] Add powernow-k7 driver for AMD mobile Athlon/Duron CPUs
o [WATCHDOG] Merge sma cpu5 watchdog driver
o [WATCHDOG] Remove unneeded includes & EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS from
o [AGPGART] Export needed symbols for AMD K8 GART
o [CPUFREQ] powernow-k7.c: Zeropad the VID or we get 1.50V instead of
o ES1370 OSS fix
o ES1371 OSS fix
o improve K7 SMP tainting
o VIA C3 Nehemiah cachesize errata fix
o fix sigio on tty drivers outgoing
o nvram driver uses incorrect types in llseek method
o i2c namespace pollution
o nwflash driver uses wrong types in llseek methods
o proc_file_read documentation/buffer overflow detection
o nec vrc5477 oss driver update
o Missing maintainer
o VIA C3 Nehemiah support
o OSS rme96xx update
o [CPUFREQ] powernow-k7.c: Fix incorrect multiplier
o [AGPGART] remove panic() from intel-agp, replace with no setup, and
failure propagate
o [netdrvr sunqe] remove incorrect kfree()
o [netdrvr sungem] be verbose about RX MAC fifo overflow
o [netdrvr sunbmac] probe path cleanup
o [AGPGART] Fix up lots of 'comparison between signed and unsigned'
o [AGPGART] Fix same logic bug in KT400 mode determination
o [AGPGART] Don't oops when deregistering failed to init agp modules
o [AGPGART] Handle the "KT400 in disguise as a KT266" case
o [AGPGART] Handle failure during initialisation more gracefully
o [AGPGART] Add ident for VIA KT400 in disguise as a KT266
o [AGPGART] More failure path sanity checking
o [AGPGART] VIA KT400 Aperture size is 12 bit in AGP3 mode
o [AGPGART] kt400's enable routine can't be __init
o [AGPGART] alpha agp infrastructure
o [AGPGART] First step towards multiple AGP buses
o [AGPGART] Add extra VIA GART IDs
o [AGPGART] Additional VIA ids
o [AGPGART] Fix missed agp_bridge conversion that caused oops
o [AGPGART] Remove pointless enums from VIA GART driver
o [AGPGART] Enable support for VIA PLE133 chipset

David Jeffery <>:
o ips: missing reboot notifier and Mode Sense P8
o ips: 2.4 compatability code
o ips: remove LinuxVersionCode
o ips: use scsi_add_host

David S. Miller <>:
o [IPV4]: Fix cut&paste error in fold_field
o [SPARC64]: Add TCSBRKP ioctl translation, thanks Anton
o [TULIP DE4X5]: Cannot use initdata before including linux/init.h
o [TCP]: Do not bump backoff too high during 0-window probes
o [SIGNAL]: Allow more platforms to use generic get_signal_to_deliver
o [IPSEC]: Add missed bit of sin_zero fix
o [IPSEC]: Fix mis-patch of previous changes
o [IPSEC]: ipv6_syms needs net/xfrm.h
o [IPSEC]: Fix af_key.c build
o [IPSEC]: Mark pfkey_sadb_addr2xfrm_addr static again

David Woodhouse <>:
o Restore SYSENTER setup on swsusp resume

Ivan Kokshaysky <>:
o alpha: Add missing sighand bits

Jamal Hadi Salim <>:
o [SCHED GRED]: Another bug found by Stanford Checker

James Simmons <>:
o input: Remove include/linux/pc_keyb.h and old PS/2 code from

Jay Vosburgh <>:
o [netdrvr 3c59x] move netif_carrier_off() call outside vortex_debug

Jean Tourrilhes <>:
o [irda][CORRECT] Properly initialise IrCOMM status line (DCE
settings) <Patch from Jan Kiszka>
o [irda] better poll bit handling during times of packet loss
o [irda] rx/tx wrapper path rewrites and cleanup

Jeff Garzik <>:
o [netdrvr fc/iphase] correct PCI probe loop-end test logic [#323]
o [tokenring smctr] remove stray ';' that prevented a loop from
working [#312]
o [netdrvr amd8111e] remove stray ';', fixing register dump [#311]
o [netdrvr tg3] DMA MRM bit only exists on 5700, 5701
o [netdrvr arlan] fix the fixed fix. really
o [netdrvr bmac] Remove unneeded memset()

John Levon <>:
o oprofile: Pentium IV support
o oprofile: CPU type as string
o oprofile: fix oprofilefs integer files base
o oprofile: kernel/user addresses fix

Jon Grimm <>:
o [SCTP] Don't retransmit Gap-Acked TSNs
o [SCTP] Add get_paddrs/get_laddrs support. (
o [SCTP] Fix hardcoded stream counts
o [SCTP] Add jitter to the heartbeat interval. (
o [SCTP] Turn off hearbeat timers earlier in shutdown
o [SCTP] Fix merge conflicts
o [SCTP] Mark as "unsafe" module. Some dead code removal
o [SCTP] Overlapping INIT check not right for case 'B'
o [SCTP] Handle requests of 0 streams & missing state cookie
o [SCTP] Remove __exit from sctp_proc_exit
o [SCTP] Fix large message sends
o [SCTP] IPV6_SCTP__ should be a tristate

Kai Germaschewski <>:
o kbuild: sed compatibility fixes
o kbuild: Handle the "no modules" case
o kbuild: cosmetics
o kbuild: Customflags for cmd_objcopy
o kbuild: Allow for ',$ in commands
o kbuild: scripts/fixdep.c doesn't close files when finished

Kunihiro Ishiguro <>:
o [IPSEC]: Add ipv6 support infrastructure

Linus Torvalds <>:
o If we set TIF_SIGPENDING for SIGCONT, we have to wake up any
sleeping tasks (even if we don't otherwise need to wake anything
up), since
o Missed initialization of "curr_target" in execve() dethreading case
o Make dequeue_signal() take the process as an argument
o Fix acl_set_handle() compile that got broken by the xattr updates.
o Report shared pending signals in /proc/<pid>/status
o Sanitize kernel daemon signal handling and process naming
o Add macthing 'va_end()' to the 'va_start()' in daemonize()
o Don't wake up processes unnecessarily for ignored signals
o Linux 2.5.61

Oleg Drokin <>:
o reiserfs: Move mark_buffer_uptodate in front of mark_buffer_dirty
in resizer

Osamu Tomita <>:
o input: Support for NEC PC-9800 beeper and support for Kana Lock LED

Patrick Mochel <>:
o sleep: fix /proc/acpi/sleep write handling
o acpi sleep: move sleep support into own subdirectory
o acpi: make source files look for headers in <acpi/ (top level
o acpi: make source files look in <acpi/ (dispatcher files)
o acpi: make source files look for headers in <acpi/...> (event
o acpi: make source files look for headers in <acpi...> (executor
o acpi: make source files look for headers in <acpi/...> (hardware
o acpi: make source files look in <acpi/...> for headers (namespace
o acpi: make source files look in <acpi/...> for headers. (parser
o acpi: make source files look in <acpi/...> for headers (resources
o acpi: make source files look in <acpi/...> for headers (tables
o acpi: make source files look for headers in <acpi/...>
o acpi: make headers look in <acpi/...> for other headers
o acpi: make source files look in <acpi/...> for headers. (other
top-level files)
o acpi: remove some acpi-specific compiler definitions in favor of
standard ones
o acpi: fix recently introduced proc-related bugs
o acpi: split sleep support into generic portion, and procfs-handlers
o Consolidate ACPI and APM sysrq implementations
o acpi sleep: divorce sleep functionality from power off
o acpi: Split i386 support up
o acpi: Only build sleep directory if we have rest of bus support
o acpi sleep: demote sleep proc file creation
o acpi sleep: demote acpi_sleep_init() to a late_initcall
o Fix up ACPI build issues

Pavel Machek <>:
o Fix stack handling in acpi_wakeup.S

Pete Zaitcev <>:
o [SUNZILOG]: Fix TX and interrupt bugs
o input: Let newly connected keyboards pickup the LED state
o [SUNZILOG]: Fix off-by-1 in spinlock initialization loop

Randy Dunlap <>:
o ftape divide-by-zero found by Stanford Checker
o bounds/limits fixes (Stanford Checker)

Randy Dunlap <>:
o checker bounds/limits fixes

Rob Radez <>:
o [SPARC]: Move away from flush_page_to_ram
o [SPARC]: ADd init_sighand

Rusty Russell <>:
o [AF_UNIX] Cleanup forall_unix_sockets
o [X25]: Fix improper | precendence, pointed out by Joern Engel
o [ECONET]: Add comment to point out a bug spotted by Joern Engel

Sridhar Samudrala <>:
o [SCTP] Changed 'bug' to a static variable. (Arnd Bergmann)
o [SCTP] Handle non-linear ip re-assembled skb's in sctp_rcv()
o [SCTP] Fix to correctly update rwnd for non-linear skbs
o [SCTP] SCTP path mtu discovery support for v4 addresses
o [SCTP] Free chunks in retransmit and control queues on
o [SCTP] Minor fixes to icmp error handler
o [SCTP] Fix to update rwnd on partial reads
o [SCTP] Cleanup of association bind address list initialization
o [SCTP] Fix af->dst_saddr() to fill in the port
o [SCTP] sctp v6 source address selection support

Stephen Rothwell <>:
o apm daemonize
o [SPARC64]: sigprocmask/sigpending compat layer conversion
o parisc compatibility layer update
o x86_64 compatibility layer update

Tomas Szepe <>:
o export allow_signal()

Trond Myklebust <>:
o further rpc_pipefs cleanups
o Clean up and fix SMP issue w.r.t. XID allocation

Vojtech Pavlik <>:
o input: Update AT+PS/2 mouse and keyboard drivers
o input: Only generate rawmode warnings if the event we cannot handle
is a real key and not just a button or something.
o input: Get rid of the kbd_pt_regs variable, and instead pass the
value all the way from an interrupt handler to keyboard.c that can
display it.
o input: HID update
o input.c: joydev/mousedev update
o input: Give preferential treatment to gameport at 0x201, and use
the odd addresses for access.
o input: Resurrect usb_set_report for Aiptek and Wacom tablets
o input: Add two new serio type #defines
o input: sunkbd.c - fix reading beyond end of keycode array

William R. Sowerbutts <>:
o input: PowerMate driver update

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