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SubjectNFS problems, 2.5.5x
>>>>> " " == David Ford <> writes:

> Synopsis: nfsserver:/home/david mount, get dir. entries loops
> forever,
> 2.5.59 for client and server.

> Example: ls -l /home/david

> An strace will show the same directory entries flying by over
> and over until memory is exhausted or ^c comes along. It
> worked at first for about 30 minutes while I finished the new
> gentoo install on my desktop, but then things got weird. the
> nfs server spat out a big long callback trace (oops) and died
> hard. Had to reset the power. The looping started just
> minutes before that. I've rebooted, tried 2.5.53 on the client
> but no go.

AFAICR, there have been no changes to the NFS client readdir code since

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