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SubjectRe: Perl in the toolchain
On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 08:06:33PM -0500, Pete Zaitcev wrote:
> For the record, the userland which I posess does have a somewhat
> working Perl RPM, which originates from Red Hat 5.2, I believe.
> So, I cannot invoke "missing perl" argument in good conscience.
> However, I shudder to think what happens if I need to rebuild it
> for some reason.

Well, do "perl -v" and see if it's at least 5.004 (5.004.003 I think
would be better.) If so, hpa's requirement that everything work on
5.004 is fine. (And really, I don't believe that requirement is going
to be hard to follow, except that it does constrain the modules in use a
little bit - I'm pretty sure the Digest::MD5 was missing from the 5.004
default set of modules.)

> There's also a subject of a skillset. I know nil about Perl.
> (ok, I hacked sirc long ago. I don't think it counts.)

If you hacked sirc... Well, that's an example of incredibly bad Perl,
so, you should be able to follow well-written and documented Perl, imo.

(I did an amazing amount of sirc hacking in my time, and it was an
exercise in pain, to be honest.)


Ryan Anderson
sometimes Pug Majere
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