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SubjectRe: 2.4.20 kernel crashes while scanning partition list
Doug McNaught:

> Have you tried 2.4.21pre? It may have fixes to handle newer hardware.

I tried the 2.4.21pre4, and it crashes as well, seemingly in the exact
same spot as the other kernels. I also tried 2.5.59, but I couldn't get
it to find the array at all (it does list the IDE channels, though).

Here's a summary of what happens:

Kernel Finds IDE? Finds array? Finds partitions
------ ---------- ------------ ----------------
2.4.18 No Yes* Yes, and boots fine
2.4.19 Yes Yes Crashes when enumerating
2.4.20 Yes Yes Crashes when enumerating
2.4.21pre4** Yes No No partitions found
2.4.21pre4*** Yes Yes Crashes when enumerating
2.5.59 Yes No No partitions found

* When fed IDE channels on the command line
** With configuration copied from 2.4.20.
*** Enabled the non-ataraid options for Promise FastTrak.

The configuration for 2.4.19--21 should be the same. 2.4.18 is
pre-built version from Debian's boot-floppies. Source for 2.4.21pre4
and 2.5.59 are pristine sources. (My 2.5.59 configuration
might have been flawed, however.)

As before, all relevant debugging material may be found at

I could really need some help debugging. I can set up an account on my
machine (I have a cable tv connection), and set up a null modem cable
from the problematic machine if that would be helpful. I don't really
know much about kernel debugging, especially when it crashes before the
system has actually started up.


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