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SubjectRe: Current Status of Module Utilities for 2.5 Kernels?
> []
> >
> > Yes, you need to read the archives prior to posting a question
> > to see if another 50 people haven't posted the same one before.
> >
> Ah, the archives. Would these be the same archives that are both
> incomplete, and scattered across three, maybe more, locations? Kernel
> Traffic is the best of the lot, and I had problems searching it. I do a
> simple search for 'modutils' and it spits out 350+K of stuff. Stuff that
> has absolutely nothing to do with the module utilities.

And now you're looking even more silly, because instead of saying
something like "ok, thanks," you start babbling absolute nonsense
about archives being incomplete and scattered.

Tomas Szepe <>
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